Rogue Lit

speculative flash fiction

July 2021
(submissions open)

October 2021
(submissions open)

Rogue Lit is a quarterly online speculative fiction magazine devoted to publishing compelling works of flash fiction. We were established in 2021 and are currently reading for our first two issues.

Great flash fiction sneaks up on you and strikes with precision; it works harder (and looks deceptively easier) than other forms of prose; it has to be quick, efficient, and maybe even a little tricky to get the job done. (You see where we're going with this?)

If you find yourself perpetually intrigued by the breadth of storytelling that can be accomplished in under 1,000 words, then you're in the right place.

Check out our issues, submit a story of your own, or help us reach our long-term goals by supporting us on Ko-fi.


Téa Caronna (she/they) was born during a tornado warning and has never quite managed to live it down. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite number is 7. Her favorite flavor is raspberry. A queer Texas native, her claim to fame is being the only person in her social circle who picks the cilantro out of salsa. She lives in Dallas with two cats and far too many books.

Vic Andrews (he/him; no relation to V.C. Andrews) is a person who reads your submissions. Computer mage by day, fighting game enthusiast by night, he considers coffee and clever metaphors to be his primary driving forces in life. Although Vic originally learned to read by playing Final Fantasy, he has demonstrated success in reading other media as well.


We're committed to fostering an inclusive habitat for both writers and readers. Stories that glorify or encourage real-world bigotry are not the sort of work we want on our platform. If you send us something that seems deliberately intended to shock or offend, we will delete it without response.

(It should be said, at this point, that our love for fictional rogues doesn't extend to real-life ones. Be good, be kind, and leave each space a little nicer than you found it - that's our best advice.)

Rogue Lit is currently CLOSED for submissions

Rogue Lit strives to publish works that push the limits of short-form storytelling.
We want compelling characters in uniquely-rendered worlds, brought to life by writers who dual-wield style and substance with finesse.

General Guidelines

⚔️ We want original, never-before-published works of speculative flash fiction. (And by flash fiction, we mean somewhere in that sweet-spot between 500 and 1,000 words.)

⚔️ Speculative fiction is a broad category, but that's what we love most about it! Hard sci-fi? Sure. Horror? Yep. Magical realism? You bet. Genre-bending, hard-to-categorize, I-might-have-to-invent-a-subcategory-for-this-story? Yes, please! We'll consider any work with speculative elements, provided that it fits all other guidelines.

⚔️ That said, we're only interested in prose, and it must be written in English.

⚔️ We're fine with artistic depictions of sex or violence, but we'll pass on anything excessive.

How to Submit

Send all submissions to as one of the following file formats: .pdf, .doc(x), or .rtf. In the body of your email, please include a 20-60 word third-person bio that will appear alongside your story (optional tip: include your website and/or Twitter handle so readers can find you elsewhere).

We don't charge reading fees, but we do offer the option to submit your story with a $2 tip. Tip jar submissions help us cover production costs and grant a few gratitude-perks (summarized below):

⚔️ Regular Submissions

submit 1 story for consideration per issue.allow up to 3 weeks for a during specified intervals.

⚔️ Tip Jar Submissions

submit up to 3 stories per $2 donation.expedited response time of 2-5 on a rolling basis.

Standard manuscript format is appreciated! The subject field of the email should look like this: ["Story Name"] by [Author Name] (ex: "Thieves' Cant" by Téa Caronna). If you utilize the tip jar feature, please include it in the subject of your email (ex: TIP JAR - "Thieves' Cant" by Téa Caronna).

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but let us know right away if your piece is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are accepted using the tip jar; otherwise, please wait until the next issue to submit again.

Stories may be considered for either the current issue or a forthcoming one (and we'll let you know which).

Tipping does not directly increase a story's chances of publication, although it does give you the opportunity to submit more than 1 piece per issue (3 per donation). Should you choose to take advantage of the 3-piece extended limit, these pieces should be submitted as attachments in a single email. You can donate as many times as you like, but we won't publish more than 3 pieces per author per issue, so keep this in mind. (Donations also aren't refundable, so make sure you identify yourself on Ko-fi!)

If you haven't already read it, please read our ethics statement before submitting.

Everyone loves a tidy inbox! Read this page carefully, and only query if something's truly gone awry.

Rights + Compensation

Rogue Lit asks for first world electronic rights to the stories we accept and reserves the non-exclusive right to host the work in our archive. Upon publication, all rights revert back to the author. If the story is reprinted elsewhere in the future, we'd appreciate it if you credit us with the initial publication!

We are a publication in our infancy and are unable to pay contributors at this time; once the choice becomes viable, we aspire to become a paying market. In the meantime, we appreciate your interest in our project and would be thrilled to help promote your work (current and future) on Twitter.